Danalock BT100BC Bluetooth Smart Lock, Bronze


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No Keys, Just Your Smart Device

•Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0
•DIY installation
•Remotely grant access while keeping track of who enters and when
•Use your smartphone or finger to lock or unlock your door
•Set time-controlled home access for visitors or workers
•Send digital keys to friends and family to grant access
•Elegant, discreet design


Danalock BT100BC Bluetooth Smart Lock, Bronze

With the Bluetooth Danalock system, you can get rid of house keys once and for all. Rather than scrambling for your keys or leaving them under the doormat, you can access and share access to the location of your choice with a click of your Bluetooth smartphone. With Danalock, your favorite Bluetooth smart device or laptop carries a digital pair of keys for added convenience. Additionally, digital keys can be created and sent to friends or family to grant one-time or continuous access to the lock in the event entry is needed but no one is home to let them in. You can easily generate and send these virtual keys remotely from nearly any location using the Danalock app or Danalock home on your laptop.

If you find yourself approaching your door with arms full of grocery bags, Danalock will sense your approaching digital key via Bluetooth and unlock the door automatically. Conversely, Danalock can also be programmed to lock automatically after entering. For extra security, use time control settings to give the housekeeper, the babysitter, employees, and party guests access to your home or business at specified times.

While this lock comes with a ton of features, installation is as simple as it gets; Danalock estimates a roughly 10 minute install time. Danalock easily screws into the location of your previous deadbolt. The Danalock comes with batteries inserted, but a thin plastic folio guarantees that your new Danalock is fully charged. Remove the folio and the Danalock will light up with a green light for 5-10 seconds. Now your Danalock is ready to be used. Want to combine Danalock with a booking system or another third party program? Professional installers can connect Danalock to other systems, making the smart lock a perfect fit for hotels, vacation rentals, and homecare providers.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 6 in

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